Youngs United Methodist Church

Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania

Our Story

The founding of Youngs United Methodist Church is very similar to the beginning of many UMC churches.  In 1833, Rev. John Snyder, a United Brethren circuit rider, visited Shermans Dale and established several congregations, including one in the home of the church’s namesake, Henry Young.  The new church grew rapidly during the Great Revival, and was able to erect its first building in 1841.  That church stood until 1896 when a new building was constructed to replace the old one.   We do not know much about the church during these early years.  However, we do know that at that time there was a team of pastors that would ride between the five area churches: New Bloomfield, Snyders Dellville, Shermans Dale, Reibers and Youngs.

The church continued to grow during the first four decades of the  20th Century, with the next few bringing many changes to the church.  In the 1950’s, the church went through a good number of cosmetic changes.  First of all, in 1951, the church had new stain glass windows, which remain to this day, were installed, and the interior of the church was remodeled.  In 1957, an education wing was added on to the church in order to give more room for Sunday school classes.  In 1968, the merger of the United Brethren and Methodist denominations changed the church to a United Methodist Church.  The church changed even further in 1975 when the sanctuary was expanded by 20 feet towards Old State Road, and a basement was excavated in order to give even more space for Sunday School rooms.

Since then, the church has continued to update its facilities in various different ways.  In 1995, the church purchased land not far from the church and established a Recreational Field in order to hold outdoor activities.  Another big changes came in early 2010’s when the church installed an elevator so that people in wheel chairs, or those who could not handle stairs could go down to the Sunday School rooms in the church’s basement.  In 2016, the church converted an usually unused space into a Coffee House to add another meeting place in the church.  The church will continue to update as time goes on so that we can better serve our community.

Here are a few bulletins from the church’s history.